Aspecto’s experts are well experienced installation supervisors, site managers and/or commissioning managers who can support the local team with any of the following:

  • 01

    Scheduling and planning of the installation and commissioning works

  • 02

    Preparing commissioning test programs and test plans

  • 03

    Being the contact person between the end customer and the OEM/EPC

  • 04

    Managing different subcontractors on site

  • 05

    LOTO / permit to work

  • 06

    Verification of the correct arrival of the equipment

  • 07

    Supervision of structure assembly and the concrete foundations

  • 08

    General assembly of primary apparatus, protection and auxiliary systems cubicles

  • 09

    Supervise the laying of trays, cables and the inter cabling

  • 10

    Supervise the termination and connecting of devices and cables.

  • 11

    We make sure that all the works above are according to supplier manuals and valid IEC standards.

Installation Supervision Expertise.
We have experience / are certified for the following equipment:

HV GIS Systems

- Siemens 8DNx, 8DQx

MV Switchgear (AIS & GIS, ANSI & IEC):

- all major OEM systems like GE, Siemens, Schneider Electric, ABB (e.g ABB UniGear ZSx, ZXx)

Circuit Breakers & Disconnectors:

- ABB DCBs, Live Tank, Dead Tank e.g. LTBx, GLx, HLPx
- GE Live Tank, Dead Tank e.g S1x, GLx, HGFx, S2DAT
- Siemens Live Tank 3APx
- Point of Wave: GE RPH, ABB Switchsynch PWC600, Siemens PSD

Power Transfomers

ABB, Siemens

CTs, VTs/PTs

- all major manufacturers

Our cable jointers combine traditional skills and modern techniques for jointing and terminating LV up to 145 kV cables. Among other we are certified for the following:

Among other we are certified for the following:

- Pfisterer Connex (145 kV)
- NKT XLPE (145 kV)