Aspecto’s experts are well experienced installation supervisors, site managers and/or commissioning managers who can support the local team with any of the following:

  • 01

    Scheduling and planning of the installation and commissioning works

  • 02

    Preparing commissioning test programs and test plans

  • 03

    Being the contact person between the end customer and the OEM/EPC

  • 04

    Managing different subcontractors on site

  • 05

    LOTO / permit to work

  • 06

    Verification of the correct arrival of the equipment

  • 07

    Supervision of structure assembly and the concrete foundations

  • 08

    General assembly of primary apparatus, protection and auxiliary systems cubicles

  • 09

    Supervise the laying of trays, cables and the inter cabling

  • 10

    Supervise the termination and connecting of devices and cables.

  • 11

    We make sure that all the works above are according to supplier manuals and valid IEC standards.

Installation Supervision Expertise.
We have experience / are certified for the following equipment:

HV GIS Systems

Siemens 8DNx, 8DQx

MV Switchgear (AIS & GIS, ANSI & IEC):

all major OEM systems like GE, Siemens, Schneider Electric, ABB (e.g ABB UniGear ZSx, ZXx)

Circuit Breakers & Disconnectors:

ABB DCBs, Live Tank, Dead Tank e.g. LTBx, GLx, HLPx
GE Live Tank, Dead Tank e.g S1x, GLx, HGFx, S2DAT
Siemens Live Tank 3APx
Point of Wave: GE RPH, ABB Switchsynch PWC600, Siemens PSD

Power Transfomers

ABB, Siemens

CTs, VTs/PTs

all major manufacturers

Our cable jointers combine traditional skills and modern techniques for jointing and terminating LV up to 145 kV cables. Among other we are certified for the following:

Cable Termination / Jointing

Pfisterer Connex (145 kV)
NKT XLPE (145 kV)