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CT Analyzer

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Contact Timing Tests
Voltage Withstand test on MV Swichgear
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Doble TDR900

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Elcon Switch Analyzer SA10

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Old electromechanical relays

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Omicron CMC 256
Omicron CMC 356

Would you like to test Old electromechanical relays?

There are two options
Omicron CMC 256
Omicron CMC 356

There are two options
Omicron CMC 256
Omicron CMC 356

What would you like to test?
Optical connections

Opftical Fibre Test Set
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The patented test system replaces numerous individual testing devices and offers new, innovative testing methods. This makes testing with the CPC 100 a time-saving and cost-effective alternative for conventional testing methods. Despite its expansive capabilities, the CPC 100 is very simple to use.
The powerful testing device provides up to 800 A or 2 kV (2 kA or 12 kV with accessories) with up to 5 kVA over a frequency range of 15 Hz to 400 Hz or 400 ADC. Its compact design (29 kg / 64 lbs) makes it easy to transport and ideal for on-site testing.

Additional accessoires might be necessary if you want to perform the following tests:

Disspation Factor / Power Factor Measurements: CP TD1 (tan δ) - For high-voltage CTs, insulation material tests are very important and can be easily done with the CP TD1 accessory.

Polarity Check: CPOL (polarity checker) - The CPOL can check the correct polarity along the different connection points in the secondary wiring by analyzing the sawtooth signal injected into the CT’s primary side using the CPC 100.

Impedance, K-Factor & Mutual Coupling Measurements: CP CU1 - With the CPC 100 and the CP CU1 the impedance of cables and power lines can be measured accurately, quickly (in approximately two hours) and safely.

Ground Impedance Test: CP CU1 - Using the current-voltage method, the challenge for good ground impedance (Zgrid) measurements is to inject sufficient measurement current into the soil at a remote location and to measure the voltage rise caused by this injection – and not by any other current in the ground. The CPC 100 and CP CU1 test system meets this challenge.

Step and Touch Voltage Test: CP CU1 - The step and touch voltages (Vstepand Vtouch ) of the local station can be measured with the CPC 100 itself or more conveniently with the HGT1 – a frequency selective voltmeter which minimizes wiring. The CPC 100 and CP CU1 test system meets this challenge.

Insultation Condition Assessment: CP TD1 - Insulation condition assessment of motors and generators. The CPC 100 plus CP TD1 can provide up to 12 kV and can also be used as a HV source.

Voltage Withstand Test on GIS: Isolation transformer CP TR - The CP TR provides a potential-free output signal and compensates the capacitive load. Compensating reactor CP CR - With 4 mH (CP CR4) or 6 mH (CP CR6) the CP CR compensates the capacitance in a modular fashion.

Using the CPC 100, electrical tests on various assets can be performed:

  • 01

    Current transformers

  • 02

    Voltage transformers

  • 03

    Power transformers

  • 04

    Power lines

  • 05

    High-voltage (HV) cables

  • 06

    Grounding systems

  • 07

    Rotating machines

  • 08

    GIS systems

  • 09

    Switchgear and circuit breakers

  • 10

    IEC 61850 installations

  • 11

    Protection relays