Location: Armenia

Category: Onshore Wind

The Eregnadzor substation in Armenia was modernized in order to meet present demands. Aspecto was responsible for HV and PLC system commissioning. Aspecto’s engineers commissioned the HV and PLC systems. The works in Armenia included the commissioning of 4 HV lines with ABB line protection REL316 and Areva Micom Relays KCEG and the startup of 12 communication lines with ABB PLC-systems type ETL560 with AMX500. In July 2011 Aspecto was engaged again to commission two more PLC Lines, this time with the ABB ETL640 system. “The project was very interesting in many different respects. The substations were built in the Caucasus Mountains, mostly at a altitude of around 2000m. They were far away from each other and not easy to reach on the mountains roads. The landscape is really unique and very beautiful”, said the commissioning engineer.

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