Location: Germany

Category: Mining Sites

The world's largest rail converter station has been built in Datteln, Germany. The station is owned by the German power supplier E.ON and it provides a power rating of 413 MW. It replaces the existing 16.7 Hz generators of the power plants Datteln 1—3, which have reached the end of their economic and technical lifespans. The converter station will receive power at 50 Hz from the new near-by Datteln power station and feed power at 16.7 Hz into the 110 kV network of the German Railways (DB). The operator workstations of the ABB MicroSCADA power control system in the central control room guarantee the reliable display of the measured values and calculations as well as the operation of the supervisory circuits and sequences of all parts of the system. Aspecto's engineer has been engaged for the commissioing of these MicroSCADA systems.