NG380 Project

Location: France

Location: mobile HV substation

They provide a quick and efficient solution for the emergency restoration of power in the case of equipment failure. The modules contain all components for a complete substation, from the power transformer and AIS or GIS switchgear to medium- and high-voltage cables, protection, monitoring and control systems, and auxiliary AC and DC power supplies.2xMobile Substation 380/132-115-110 kV AT bay 3x167 MVA 3xLine bays7xMobile Substation 132-110/33-13.2 kVTR bay 67 MVA6xMV switchgear.

Scope of work:

  • 01

    Commissioning of protection relays: SIEMENS DIGSI 5 7UT87, 7SL86, 6MD85 SIEMENS DIGSI 4 7SJ64 ABB RET670

  • 02

    Commissioning of CTs/VTs

  • 03

    Commissioning of Power Transformers

  • 04

    Stability test of Power Transformers

  • 05

    Commissioning Tools: Omicron CPC100, CMC356, Megger MIT-525

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