Major Oil Sands

Location: Alberta

Category: Mining Sites

Category: Transmission and Distribution

The bitumen resource is estimated at 3.4 billion barrels and will be recovered by open-pit mining. First oil at this large oil sand project was achieved in January 2018. This open-pit mine plan has two main pits and a mine fleet capable of sustaining a production of 4500 tons of oil sand per hour.

Power system of the project includes:

  • 01

    More than 50 Electrical Substations with voltage levels of 144 / 72 / 13.8 kV;

  • 02

    More than one thousand Relay protection and control IEDs based on IEC61850 (ABB REx670; GE T60, C60, L90, C70, B95, F60, B30, F35; SEL-411L; SIEMENS-7SD522);

  • 03

    All equipment is integrated and controlled with ABB MicroSCADA Pro, SYS600C computers are installed on every Substation. It is one of biggest distributed installation of MicroSCADA.

  • 04

    Complex Mirroring configuration with Enormous number of MicroSCADA SYS600C installation.

  • 05

    PRP configuration

  • 06

    Complex VLAN configuration

  • 07

    BCU redundancy

  • 08

    Both PTP and SNTP time synchronization

  • 09

    Full network supervision with SNMP

  • 10

    Commissioning of the MicroSCADA 9.3 and RTU560 Automation Controller with Web-HMI based on IEC61850, Mirroring communication configuration between Substations.

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