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Location: Kazakhstan

Location: Oil & gas

The Kandym group of gas fields is located in Karakul District of Bukhara Oblast, near the Turkmen border. The contract area is 431 sq. km. The Kandym gas processing complex will be one of the biggest in Central Asia and will significantly contribute to the oil and gas industry’s growth and government’s economy.

The complex with a capacity of 8 billion cubic meters of gas per year is designed to prepare the gas of Kandym group of fields - production of commercial gas, stable gas condensate and commercial sulfur. It is planned to produce purified natural gas in the amount of 7.8 billion cubic meters, 134.36 thousand tons of stable condensate and 212.9 thousand tons of elemental sulfur per year.

77 wells were drilled at Kandym field and a system of collecting natural gas was created. The commissioning of the GPC will allow launching the prepared well Fund and reaching the design production shelf at Kandym field in the shortest possible time. According to the company, the complex will be released at full capacity in June 2018.Power system of the facility includes 220/35kV Electrical Substation.

Relay protection and Control IEDs are presented with ABB IEDs (REex670, REF630) and Relematika TOR 300.All the IEDs integrated and controlled with RTU560 Automation Controller via IEC61850. RTU560 provides WEB-HMI workplace for monitoring and control. RTU provides IEC104 communication to NCC.

Project features:

  • 01

    Many IEC61850 interoperability issues have been solved.

  • 02

    Engineering and Commissioning of the RTU560 Automation Controller with Web-HMI, integration of all IEDs via IEC61850 and NCC IEC104 configuration.

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