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Location: Saskatchewan

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Western Canada's potash deposits occur in the Prairie Evaporite Deposit — the largest known potash deposits in the world. The deposits extend from central to south-central Saskatchewan, a few kilometers into Manitoba, and 200-300 km into northern North Dakota.

New modern potash solution mine and production facility built near Moose Jaw. Power systems of the facility includes 230/25kV Electrical Substation.

Relay protection and Control IEDs supplied by Schweitzer and GE (Micom 264, GE D60, SEL-735, SEL-421, SEL-351-7, SEL-751, SEL-387L, SEL-487B). All the IEDs integrated and controlled with SEL-3530 Automation Controller via IEC61850. DNP3.0 is used for NCC communication.

Project features:

  • 01

    Many IEC61850 interoperability issues with different vendors have been solved.

  • 02

    Scope of work: Factory Stage Engineering of the SEL-3530 Automation Controller, integration of all IEDs via IEC61850 and NCC DNP3.0 configuration.

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