Location: Canada

Location: HVDC

Category: HVDC

The 350 kV Line Commutated Converter (LCC) HVDC transmission link will provide 900 MW of bulk hydro power over 1100 km of forests and frozen grounds, 34 km of which will be underwater cables crossing the Strait of Belle Isle, avoiding frozen sea, high current, blizzards and icebergs.

GE’s Series V digital control technology delivers system security, reliability, control and protection. AC Substation’s Relay protection and Control IEDs supplied by Micom (C264, P643, P546) and Schweitzer (SEL487E, SEL411L). All the IEDs and Series V are integrated to DS Agile Contol System via IEC61850. DNP3.0 is used for ECC communication.

Project features:

  • 01

    Complex non-standard HVDC application with integration between S/S.

  • 02

    Complex network topology with redundancy and VLANs

  • 03

    Testing and commissioning of SCADA Control system based on GE DS Agile including signal testing, network equipment troubleshooting and configuration.

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