Henrietta & Queen Victoria

Location: Mauritius

Location: Microgrid

Location: Solar power

Category: Solar power

It’s production of green electricity is directed to CEB grid. Against the backdrop of a world situation which dictates that future growth must be intrinsically linked to the implementation of concrete actions towards the preservation of the environmentEach substation can meet the electricity needs of some 12,115 Mauritian households, whereas simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions by 21,516 tonnes annually.2x Substation 66/22 kV 1x Transformer 16 MVA 3x MV Switchgear

Commissioning of protection relays:

  • 01

    SEL-411L, SEL-787, SEL-751

  • 02

    Siemens 7SJ80

  • 03

    Commissioning of CTs/VTs

  • 04

    CBs timing

  • 05

    Commissioning of Power Transformers

  • 06

    Stability test of Power Transformers

  • 07

    Commissioning Tools: Omicron CPC100, CMC356, Megger MIT-525

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