Umm Al Houl Combined Cycle Power Plant

Location: Qatar

Category: Power plants

Category: Transmission and Distribution

Power produced by the facility is evacuated through a 400 kV Umm Al Houl IWPP substation and a 220kV and 132kV Umm Al Houl super grid substation to the respective 220-132 kV Network controlled by the National Control Centre (NCC).

  • 01

    Power blocks including gas turbines, heat recovery steam generators and steam turbines

  • 02

    Desalination block including reverse osmosis and MSF

  • 03

    400kV substation

  • 04

    Seawater intake and discharge facilities

  • 05

    Wastewater treatment facilities

  • 06

    Process and plant drainage systems

  • 07

    Potable water facilities including pumping stations, reservoirs and connection pipelines

  • 08

    Potable water disinfection facilities

  • 09

    System control and data acquisition (SCADA) connection between facility, substations and control centres

  • 10

    Administration and support buildings including workshop, laboratory, first aid, security, storage, mosque

  • 11

    Fuel supply systems

  • 01

    Testing protection relays – ABB REx670, REx615 and REB500

  • 02

    Testing protection relays – SIEMENS SIPOTEC 7SD532

  • 03

    Testing IEC6850 communication of protection relays (GOOSE and SAS)