Bipole III HVDC Link Keewatinohk/RIEL Converter Station

Location: Canada

Location: HVDC

Category: HVDC

The purpose of the proposed Bipole III Transmission Project is to provide enhanced reliability to Manitoba Hydro’s system and to reduce the severity of the consequences of major HVDC outages. The Bipole III converter stations include the Keewatinohk Converter Station in northern Manitoba near Hudson Bay, and the Riel Converter Station near Winnipeg in the southern region of the province. The converter stations have a transmission capacity of 2,000 megawatts (MW). The converter station site includes the following principal structures, a 230 kV AC switchyard, converter transformers, converter building, solid-state electronic valve groups, and a DC switchyard. Aspecto engineering crew supported the commissioning of the electrical systems throughout the whole project lifecycle, including factory acceptance tests of the components of the AC system, as well as site testing and commissioning of the complete system at both ends in Keewatinohk and RIEL.

COMMISSIONING@ Keewatinohk/RIEL Converter Station, Manitoba, Canada– AT A GLANCE Systems:

  • 01

    230 kV AC filter banks protection and control. System 1 – Simatic TDC real-time computing platform adapted for filter bank protection. System 2 – SIPROTEC 7SJ85 protection relay.

  • 02

    230 kV AC Power lines and bus diameter protection. System 1 – P546, P746 protection relays, C264 bay control unit. System 2 – SEL-411L, SEL-487B protection relays

  • 03

    230 kV AC Converter Transformers groups. System 1 – SIPROTEC 7UT85 protection relays, System 2 – SEL-487E protection relays.

  • 04

    12 kV auxiliary system supply. SEL-751A, SEL487B protection relays.

  • 05

    500 kV DC measuring system. The core computation system is based on a high-performance Simatic TDC real-time computing platform. Data acquisition and processing based on optical TDM bus data multiplexers and CSN DC-Current sensors.

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