500 kV Haunted Gully Terminal Station, Victoria

Location: Australia

Location: Onshore Wind

Category: Onshore Wind

Category: Transmission and Distribution

The Stockyard Hill Wind Farm consists of 149 wind turbines located approximately 35 km west of Ballarat. The Wind Farm has the potential to harness one of Victoria’s best wind resources and will have the potential to power approximately 425,000 homes annually. The windfarm and terminal station is connected by new 132kV external overhead power transmission lines, which extends up to 75kmand ends in the Haunted Gully Terminal station.

COMMISSIONING@ 500/ 132 kV Haunted Gully Terminal Station, Victoria AT A GLANCE Systems:

  • 01

    Line protection GE L90

  • 02

    Overcurrent and feeder protection SEL-351S

  • 03

    Voltage Regulator Eberle REGD

  • 04

    Synchrocheck tests

  • 05

    SCADA signal tests

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